Who We Are

We started as many companies do – with a conversation. A conversation between individuals with the common belief that together we could perfect the art of creating a ‘Distinctively Urban’ home. A home that has a perfect balance of leading edge architectural design and technology combined with warm and rich materials. As important, we believed that we could produce better results than what we were seeing everyday in the marketplace from Competitors. This insights allowed AspenGrove to develop our guiding principles that we apply to all of our work:

  • We build each home as if it was our own. 
    We understand what it takes to deliver long-term value to a property and ensure it is part of each and every project.
  • There is no detail too big or too small. 
    If you would notice it, so will we and we make sure that all aspects of our work reflect that attention to detail.
  • Quality work deserves quality materials.
    We ensure that the most appropriate materials are used to meet or exceed your expectations.
  • We understand what it means to be a customer. We know that you expect to be treated with respect at all times and recognize the importance of keeping you updated through the entire project.
  • We carefully pick the trades we partner with.
    We work hard to develop lasting relationships with the trades we work with to ensure that they meet our high standards.

Building Inspiring Spaces

At AspenGrove, our clients can rest assured that your home is in capable hands: An owner is involved with you and your project every step of the way. Our clients are never sent away to a third party – be it from land acquisition through post-occupancy care – an owner has a vested, personal interest in the success of your project. Because of the personalized attention our clients receive, AspenGrove limits the number of projects we take on so to ensure each client receives the time and attention they deserve.

After 10 years in the trenches, we believe we are a richer Company due in part to all of the wonderful people whom have trusted us to realize their design and building needs. Our founding principles of Honesty, Trust, and Communication have been appreciated by our countless friends who have come to recognize that we build each home as if it was our own.

How We Work

At AspenGrove Developments, our team is as diverse as it is talented, and we have a strong group of trades people and consultants that work with us on every project. From blueprint to spreadsheet, boardroom to build site, every individual plays an essential role in bringing our customers’ homes to fruition.

1. Initial Meeting

We’ll get to know each other, and complete an in-depth pre-project assessment so we understand your lifestyle and priorities. We’ll explain how we work, help you establish a realistic budget, and discuss what we should expect of each other as your project progresses.

2. Property Acquisition/Evaluation

Whether you are selling your home, evaluating or acquiring new property, or looking for a speculative opportunity – If you’re still looking for that ideal location, this is the time we’d help you find it. If you already own land, we’ll make sure that it’s appropriate for the project you’d like to undertake.

3. Preliminary Design and Design Retainer

We’ll work with you to design and refine your AspenGrove home or renovation especially for you. You’ll be able to take a virtual tour of your home along the way using our powerful visualization software. If you need design approvals or a municipal Development Permit before going any further, we’ll take care of them on your behalf.

4. Detailed Design

Once your home has received all of the required preliminary permits, we’ll prepare the required technical drawings that will be used for final design pricing and a pre-construction estimate. You can spend as much time as you need with our designers choosing interior fixtures and finishes that complete the personalization of your home.

5. Approval of Construction Quote

Once everything’s been designed and specified to your satisfaction, we’ll review a construction quote for your approval before we actually start to build your new home. This quote is our firm commitment to you. The price will not change unless you subsequently request additional work.

6. Construction, Part One: Rough Framing

At last you’ll see your new home rise from the ground! Construction starts with site preparation, followed closely by the foundations, framing, rough-ins, insulation and drywall.

7. Construction, Part Two: Finishing

Here’s where it all comes together. We’re renowned for the quality of our finishing craftsmen, and you’ll finally get to see how they’ll transform a partially-finished shell into the completed home you’ve been anticipating.

8. Possession

Your new home is ready! We’ll schedule a pre-possession walk-through to identify any outstanding issues and to make sure you’re familiar with your home and its systems.

9. Post-Occupancy Care

We’re here to help you get the most out of your AspenGrove Home. Our service team will respond quickly and courteously to any concerns you may have as you get settled in.

What We Do

AspenGrove’s approach to home building is unique in the industry. From the initial concept, we continually refine and revise our project plan to keep design goals, performance considerations, and the budget in balance. Each pillar informs the decisions made in the other two, throughout the building process.

Unlike other builders that “pad their bids with unreasonable margins” under the illusions that their “final price will never fluctuates”, we are a very transparent company. While we use several building contract strategies, the one we favour the most is a “cost plus” approach, allowing owner to have immediate transparency on all purchases. Moreover, we always select three bids so that the owner has solace in that the price we deliver is always the most competitive available.